Navigating With Your Smartphone While In The Park

Here’s a really fun tip for those of you who will be visiting Yellowstone. You can use your phone as a GPS navigational aid while you’re in the park. All you have to do is install a special free application onto your smartphone and the software will essentially transform your phone into a GPS navigational tool!

Virtually all smartphones have a built in GPS receiver that when coupled with the right software will allow you to enter destinations into your phone and you’ll receive turn by turn voice commands that will guide you right to the place in the park that you would like to go.

Another very good use of this kind of application is that if you enter the location of our Shoshone Retreat rental cabin, you won’t have any problems finding it at all because the application will lead you right up to the front door.

Not only will you get directions, the app will tell you how many more miles you have to travel as well as how much longer it will take to arrive at your destination. It will even give you an estimated time of arrival based on your current rate of travel.

I should point out that in some areas of the park, you may not be able to get a cell phone signal depending on who your cell phone service provider is. This application will only work if you phone has a signal.

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